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When it comes to making money online, a lot of freelancers turn to content mills as they have the Should You Invest Time in Content Millsability to provide steady streams of income for freelancers. At its basics, content mills are websites which employ freelancers to write content for them to bring in organic traffic to the website (and, as we know, traffic has the potential to bring in revenue). However, should you spend time working for a content mill or even starting up your own content mill website? Here are the main pros and cons to content mills from both the perspective of the owner and the freelancer.


Freelancers Earn and Learn

As a freelancer, if you manage to get work for a content mill, you will both be earning money from it as well as learning. This is because the majority of work people do, they will be learning to some extent new skills, knowledge and expertise. Therefore, by working for a content mill, you have the very likelihood to become a better expert in the field you are writing about, which will make you more employable to other people online, since you will be a more rounded expert in the field you are writing about.



Content Mills are Hard to Stop

The main problem with content mills, for freelancers, is that it is addictive. It is extremely difficult to stop working for a content mill because, at the end of the day, you are writing content which is earning you money – just like it is difficult to stop your daytime job if you had one for, well, what alternative?

So it is sometimes disheartening to know the content you are writing is never going to actually be owned by you and you will never quite get the benefits of the traffic the content creates. However, you are earning money and, above everything else, this is what content mill writers care about the most.



Costly for Startups

The main problem, if you want to start your own content mill, is that it is going to be quite costly to get it up and running. Truth be told, this is the same with pretty much any type of startup business out there. For this reason, you will need to make an educated risk on whether the startup cost is worth the long term benefits. When do you propose the break even point will be? How much cash will you have to invest into the content mill before it starts producing revenue for you?



The Benefits are Long Long Term

However, one of the best things about content mills are that the majority of content mills produce timeless content. This means it does not matter if the content was read now, ten years ago or ten years into the future – the value of the content would still be the same. For this reason, once the content mill has started to produce cash flow for you, you can pretty much bet a large amount of money that the cash flow will not stop for years to come.

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