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Back in 2000, advertising online was just about to change. Google had created the first pay per click program being Google Adwords which is still leading the PPC market way ahead of any other PPC program. All new advertisers will some point try PPC programs such as Google Adwords. However, should they? Before pay per click advertising, the human race had been just fine when it came to advertising using a wide range of advertising methods from TV adverts to banner advertising. Should we go back to advertising the old way?


As much as PPC has been a revolution to online advertising, some advertisers will still not like it and may prefer to use banner advertising programs such as BuySellAds instead. The problem with PPC is that, for some people, it is still too complicated. There are advertisers out there that like to work with physical objects; advertisers that like to talk to their publishers in person about advertising campaigns. PPC takes away the human side to advertising making advertising online more robotic than ever. All you have to do now as an advertiser is put a bit of text in for an advert and some financial numbers and Google will do the rest. Sometimes, it’s better to do more work than less.


Saying this, my first gut reaction to this question is a huge no. You think of how much technology has rapidly improved and increased in size since the start of PPC. I would not be surprised at all in ten years time that mobile phones were as thin as paper with the processor power of $1000 computers nowadays. Everything is getting smaller, faster, cheaper and better. With this, more and more people are getting access to the worldwide web. Therefore, as technology improves, the amount of people that PPC can advertise to also increases. It’s a no-brainer what form of advertising you should use.


My only worry when it comes to using new forms of advertising compared to old forms is that since PPC has been around for 12 years now, more and more people have become accustomed to how PPC adverts look like. This provides what I call an ‘immunity’ that the majority of web users have developed against the stereotypical PPC adverts. For this reason, the results of using old forms of offline advertising and even online such as banner advertising may produce better results than PPC.


It really does depend what ‘advertising the old fashion way’ really means. From looking at the history of advertising, there are many forms of ‘old fashion’ advertising:

  • Banner advertising.
  • SMS alerts.
  • TV and radio adverts.
  • Leaflets.
  • Billboards.


From this article, I hope it makes clear that pay per click advertising is not the only way the modern advertiser can advertise. If you are finding that  you are not getting the the best results in PPC, have a try of the above methods. PPC may be the best way to advertise online. However, the public do not spend every minute of their life online! For hardcore web users, they will spend at maximum 8 hours a day. This still means every single person on this planet spends more time offline than online. Therefore, take advantage of it.

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