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Initially, when you start a blog, everyone is agitated for your blog and posts cheering comments. But after some time everything gets over and those people stop visiting your blog. At this time, you feel distressed and are ready to bury your face in sand. But do not take it so personally because your relatives must be visiting your blog one a day. Now truly speaking, you must search some persons (traffic) which are seriously interested in your blog content.

Also you must learn some new secrets about blogging which are discussed below.

  1. First, have faith in yourself because if you will not believe in yourself, then no one will believe you. This sounds like simple cliché but it is very true. You must have self-confidence in your words and you and you must feel the authority and whatever you are blogging on. Always remember that, if you will lack in confidence then it is purely reflected in your words. So, don’t be arrogant or pompous, only be confident. For becoming authoritative and accurate, you must do as much research as you can. Moreover your blog must be about the things in which you are really interested. So, BE ORIGINAL and BE ENCOURAGING to other people. This is the primary key for success….
  2. Publish posts very frequently. Everyday publishing of post will create mess, so try to publish at most once or twice a week. Try to publish original contents which must be well written and are easy to understand. So, here you are getting chance for telling interesting stories or sharing any real life example. Edit your post according to your needs and try to make it attracting. ALWAYS REMEMBER that SUPERIORITY and RARENESS are key to better blogging. This is really very important because you need people for reading your contents so creating interesting contents is necessary.
  3. Try to connect to different websites and blogs. Like this, other websites and blogs will also connect to your blog . Always contain a blog move on the related featuring blog of your blogs. Excite traffic to study your contents by your courteous and intelligent comments on other websites and blogs. This is one of the quickest methods of finding your blog by others. With the help of this, they will take lots of interest in your blog and will surely visit them regularly.
  4. If you are willing to make funds from the blog then you can include various advertisements on your website in flash, from different advertising sites like Ad sense. Generally Ad sense is famous because it provides ads linked to contents and huge deal of power. With the help of it you can also choose, amount, size and the position of advertisements. Along with this you can also customize various other aspects.
  5. List containing an odd quantity of stuff is best for your blog. For many reasons, it attracts lots of traffic.
  6. Never make your blog like complaining area and you also need not to coat everything with sugar. Just listen to the questions of others and give them their response in intrigues, inspired and entertained way. So always help your traffic in a motivating way.
  7. Study the traffic books related to blogging. They generally contain lots of useful traffic attracting tips and techniques and lets get started.

This guest post was written by Jaykrishna Yadav, who is a part time blogger and an article writer. He has his guest posting and link building service you can contact him on skype at jaykrishna.yadav. He works for, and love to be a part of this blog.


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