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Internet marketing is a cutthroat business; SEOs need to expand their reach and visibility constantly by finding new and creative ways of marketing. There are millions of sites to compete with and finding a way to get yourself stands-out, is a constant battle. Thanks to the multitudes of SEO technologies coming out with intelligent strategies every day, growing SEO ventures.

Just like anything else on the web, this bar is always getting higher; you have to stay on the cutting edge of the tools available to remain competitive. One seriously overlooked tool that many internet developers are beginning to realize the importance of Virtual Private Network (VPN). Unlike other SEO tools – Ahrefs, Google Analytics or AdWords, a VPN offers a deeper look into search engine patterns with an added layer of cybersecurity.

What is a VPN?

Search engine results are based on geographical locations, think if you want to rank a courier service in London, you have to be there …. Right? Here VPN savior works and virtually locating you wherever you want and help you check local search rankings. See how it works in real-time;

A VPN is an online subscription service that enables you to connect to the internet of an IP address other than your own, allowing you to access anything from anywhere. For a hands-on understanding of a VPN, think of an encrypted tunnel that simply redirects your online traffic. Another interesting feature of the best VPN, reviewed here by Anonymster, is hiding real IP; it masks your real IP address from anyone trying spoof into your SEO skills and replaces in case you want to access geo-restricted content. A growing popularity of VPN among SEOs reflect their acknowledgments regarding privacy, security, and practicality.

Draft your SEO strategies with a VPN

  • SEO is all about web presence; more the presence more would be credible in the eyes of the virtual world. Forums and communities are the playgrounds for SEOs to play their skills for securing maximum traffic and reach expansion. For this purpose, SEO Needs Different IPs to access different forums and communities.
  • Many at times SEOs need to remain anonymous at multiple forums. When it comes to accessing Google Analytics of Google Webmaster Tools, a VPN comes in handy to build, manage and optimize Private blog networks (PBNs) from several locations; as a result, Google won’t recognize your PBN built and managed from the same IP address. Use anonymous VPN to remain anonymous yet secure and manage PBNs.
  • Market regionally with a different region IPs, since it’s an effective SEO strategy to retrieve search results from regions other than the local area. A VPN helps SEOs to earn diversified traffic from differentiated regions other than their location.
  • Buys Backlinks with a VPN and hide your digital footprints, a VPN is a backlink builder as it enables SEOs to buy differentiated backlinks with different IPs, to avoid Google track-backing. Now buy as many backlinks as you can, Google will not track you back since your real IP address remain hidden.
  • Be it a Torrenting, poker, or gambling SEO developer; you must have noticed that it’s not allowed to market on such platforms; you will be blocked if you market on these sites. Since a VPN hide your real IP address, you become untraceable and unrecognizable in the virtual world so, with a VPN, you can promote your content anywhere you want. If somebody tries to track you, he/she ends up with fake location.
  • Pay roughly $10/month and enjoy multi-faced perks of a VPN, saving extra charges to secure your SEO practices. SEO strategies have never been as affordable as with a VPN.

Add a VPN to your SEO Armoury

VPNs are easy-to-use, affordable, compatible and can be used anytime anywhere in the world. Hide your strategies from a hacker, use public WiFi, protect from Google tracking, and work remotely with a VPN without any virtual-world restrictions. There are many VPN providers, some of them offer free trial runs, download any and check whether it improves your SEOs skills and how far you are achieving your SEO benchmarks?

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