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Pay Attention On link Velocity

The purpose of any excellent off-page Search engine optimization strategy should be to generate inbound links that’s as organic looking as they can, as Google wants to encourage websites that seem natural compared to those whose back links are muddled with junk/spam. So, if you have new site with just 5 pages and have thousands of low quality back links, you will raise a red flag for your website as Google will punish your site and put you in “Sandbox’.

So, now the next question that comes in your mind is that how many links you should have per day, if you have a new site. Well, Google has never reveled this but several SEO professionals recommend that you should begin by building 20-100 links a week. But don’t be greedy in getting hundreds of links always look for quality than quantity as Google prefer authority links over low quality links.

Make New Plans for ongoing optimization

Lastly, acknowledge that Search engine optimization is a continuous process that requires continues effort to maintain ranking in search engines.

From the day of launch to first 3 month, you should spend proper time in improving your site and getting high quality back links so, you can gain importance in the eyes of Google. With the passage of time, you will gain better ranking and all your efforts and hard work will bring you reward.


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