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On-Page SEO

As soon as your site is set up and now you are planning to build back links for it.  Before you start you back linking complain, its your responsibility to make sure that your site is set up effectively according to the guidelines of search engine and you have also spend a considerable amount of time on On-page SEO factors. Below are few tips that you should keep in mind.

  • To begin the whole process, the very first thing you have to do is to find the best domain name for your website.  This step is very crucial as it affects your ranking in search engines later on. Selecting a right domain name make the whole process much easier.  SEOBook offers free tutorials that will help you on how to select the best domain name for your website depending on the business nature.
  • The second factor that needs importance is the site navigation. Make is user friendly as much as your can as your visitors/clients are your assets. Make internal navigation in such a way that every page is reached with in just 3 clicks as internet users are looking for instant results all the time. Making navigation easy can also improve your search engine ranking as search engines can easily crawl your pages.
  • Adding breadcrumb navigation will further enhance the internal navigation structure. Breadcrumbs will also improve user experience and has a great impact on your Google ranking.
  • In the beginning, it might be possible that you don’t have enough content on your website. However, you should pay proper attention in optimizing your existing content.  You have to maintain a proper keywords density inside your articles, optimize title tags, URL structure etc as these entire combine together affects your search engine ranking.
  • Take necessary measure to reduce the loading time of your website. Remove all unnecessary content, links, and image files. Use CSS files instead of JavaScript functions.

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