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Whenever you launch a new website, it is completely new in the eyes of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Since Google use the most sophisticated technology and craws the websites at a very faster rate. So, its crawlers still gather some information about your site based on the keywords that you use in the content and in your domain name.

In the beginning it’s difficult for search engines to measure the authority of your website based on this limited information alone. Being a webmaster, it’s your responsibly to manage your site according to the guidelines of search engines so, Google and other search engines recognize your website and rank it accordingly.

The search engines look at different factors before getting a website to rank. For instance, the quality of the content, the number of authority links pointing to your websites. Popularity of your website among social networking sites such as Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, and several other factors such as the domain age, etc. However, once you launch your website, it depends on you how you present it to search engines based on your actions. Below are few tips that you should keep in mind while making SEO strategies for new domains.


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