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As much as everyone hates the thought of seo engine optimization and put hours of work into managing your search listings, it’s a necessity for any legitimate business. One solution for seo management that I have been using over the years, is RankPay. Their team of link builders and search engine experts do exactly what the name of their company says… they RANK your web site, and you only PAY for results.

I recently had a multi-part interview with Justin from the Rank Pay team and asked him some of your most requested questions about web site ranking and how you can improve your rankings in the search engines.

Backlinks, Page Content, Sitemap and Image Tags… can you rank and give a quick explanation of each in order of their importance when trying to make the most of your site for seo ranking purposes?

#1 Page Content

Page content is the single most important ranking factor for all websites. By having great content on your site, that is also relevant and keyword friendly, you give yourself the possibility of attracting quality inbound links. Do yourself a favor and make sure that the content is unique, and that each page has keywords corresponding to it which you are trying to target in the search engines.

#2 Backlinks

A great backlinking campaign can work wonders on a website’s search engine rankings. It’s one of the strongest ranking variables in Google’s and other search engine algorithms. Not all links are made alike, so don’t try and go get as many links as possible, it’s all about building a great backlink portfolio by first and foremost creating great content that your readers want to read.

#3 Sitemap

A Sitemap allows your site to be indexed and crawled properly. It also helps the search engines crawl and identify pages that may not be linked from any pages on your website. Be sure that your site has a sitemap that’s built in an XML format and is located on your root directory ( If you use WordPress there are many plugins that can help you automate this process.

#4 Image Tags

While image tags can slightly help a websites rankings they are not significant enough to waste a tremendous amount of time on. The biggest benefit about having proper image tags is the traffic that a website may receive from Google Images. By having proper image tags, and file names, Google could rank your websites well in Google Images. Although from an SEO perspective I would not recommend wasting a lot of time on Image Tags.

For more information on RankPay, you can visit their web site and perform an instant keyword analysis with their search form, which will show the rankings of your web site, and the complexities and costs on ranking for specific terms.

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