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Everyone wants to stay at the top of the search engine results. For any blog to be at the top of the search results or to increase the visibility, proper search engine optimization and hard work is required. No blog can increase its visibility instantly; it is a step by step process and needs some time. You can hire a trusted digital media agency that can improve your blog’s visibility, ranking and increase the traffic. You can also work to improve the visibility of your blog to some extent. Below are some optimization tips that ease your work:

  • Content is the most important things that needs to be focused on, everyone knows that “Content is king”. To make the content on your blog reader friendly and SEO friendly you need to work on the content of your blog, think like a reader before writing an article or post
  • Back links are the ones that help you in improving the authority of your website. The more links you have, the more often you are going to be crawled by the search engines. Focus on guest posting, commenting on other blogs and forum posting  to gain quality link
  • Maintain relevancy. The title you prepare should be relevant to the content within the post or article. If your title doesn’t match the content then your bounce back ratio will be increased
  • Try to include the most searched keywords in your post or in your title. This makes your title catchy and visibility of your blog will be automatically increased
  • Interlinking is another aspect to be developed to increase your blog’s visibility. Interlinking your new posts with the older ones helps the users and search bots to find the content on your blog
  • Promote your blog. You can leverage your main site fame to increase the visibility of your blog. You can also include back links to your blog in your marketing mails and on your main website.
  • Social media promotions are the best way to promote your blog all over the web. Create twitter and Facebook accounts for your blog on which people can follow you. This will increase the search engine ranking and also increase the traffic to your site and blog
  • Update your blog frequently. Search bots like Google love to have fresh content. So, add new content to your blog frequently, preferably two to three new posts a week

This guest post was written by Kate Ford, who is Tech writer from the UK. Catch her @thetechlegend on Twitter.

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