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Search Engine Optimization is no rocket science; yet, it is not so easy either. If you are new to it, you are very likely to make too many mistakes. SEO is quite a complicated field to understand and it is quite common to make mistakes without even knowing that you are making them. Here is a list of five mistakes that SEO newbies generally make:

Not keeping up with the changes

SEO is a learning process that never ends. This is because the algorithms of search engines keep changing and this is what determines the way the pages are ranked. Unless you keep yourself updated with these changes in algorithms and come up with the right strategies you should use, you cannot be a good SEO professional. You may have managed to get your website in the top page of SERPs in the year 2016. Nevertheless, the same strategies when used may not prove to be effective in 2016. You will have to do a lot of research and read a lot of articles to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Not Addressing Bad Reports Directly

If your reports are bad despite your efforts, it is better to deal with them directly. It is better to inform your client immediately about what went wrong and why. If it is your mistake you have to brave enough to accept it and do what is to be done to correct the same. Ignoring the reports will take you nowhere. It is always better to learn what you don’t know and ask a few experts rather than trying out a tricky strategy that seems manipulative to Google, in which case your site may even be penalized.

Not concentrating on things that help in increasing your revenue

Mostly people try to concentrate more on ranking those pages that have easy keywords. They do not really check if these pages actually contribute to the growth of their business in any way. The focus should actually be on doing things that will increase your revenue. Even if you have to put in a little bit of efforts here it is definitely worthwhile.

Adhering to the terms of the contract strictly

Yes, it is important to understand the terms of the contract and act accordingly. But you should use this more as a guideline. Your focus needs to be on how well you deliver your services and achieve the objective of the client. At the end, it is the outcome that the client sees and not how well you adhered to the terms specified in the contract. If there is a term that you need to modify in order to help your client achieve his goal, you should be ready to discuss with your client and change the same. You can probably even add on a few extra services.

Waiting until it is too late

SEO does take some time; but it doesn’t take forever – says Mark, a digital marketing expert associated with Within six months you should be able to see the results you are working towards. If you have not noticed the results within this time period, it is better to contact an expert for assistance before it gets too late. Keep monitoring your page rankings every week to see if there is any kind of movement.

One thing you need to keep in mind is finishing a project for a client doesn’t mean it ends there. If you want your customers to come back to you again and again and even recommend your services to others, you have to go that extra mile to provide quality services and focus on maintaining relationships forever.

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