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Search engine optimisation is critical to any website and business online, since SEO brings with it lots of organic targeted traffic that can be used to benefit a website or business in more than one way – all in all, traffic is king and SEO is the biggest provider of traffic. This is why so much time is spent improving the SEO of websites to improve their organic ranking.

Putting this aside, what is quite misleading with SEO is the fact that it is constantly changing. Although the core fundamentals behind SEO have not changed in the years, Google and other search engines continue to bring out alogrhtym updates to their search engines to further improve their search engines, to de-rank ‘bad’ websites and rank-up ‘good’ websites. With this, here is some SEO advice you should be made aware of, for which many websites tend to leave out when it comes to supplying SEO tips and tricks.


#1 Below the Fold Content will Induce Bad SEO

There is a lot of attention about how to SEO the content itself. However, all the hard work that is done to improve the search ranking of an article could be for nothing depending on how the content is displayed on the website. The website theme, for this reason, plays quite a large role in the SEO of articles.

It is an absolute neccessity, in terms of SEO, to have a bit of the content appearing above the fold of the webpage. Google strongly dislikes websites and articles where no content from the article is above the fold, even to the point that you cannot see the title of the content. After all, Google has the vision to continually improve the user experience one has online – they can control this by de-ranking websites that have poor themes and upgrading the SEO of websites with themes where part of the content can be read without having to scroll upon landing onto the webpage.


#2 Don’t Concentrate on Links

I can agree that links do play a part in the SEO of a website and an article. However, they are not the number one thing you should concentrate on in terms of SEO.

The problem, I find, with how people implement SEO is that the time is spent uneven, in the sense that lots of time is spent improving SEO using methods which don’t really improve the SEO that much, whilst not much time is spent on the important aspects to SEO.

For example, it is a far more beneficial use of time to concentrate on the SEO of the actual content itself, rather than trying to guest blog on other similar websites to get a link at the bottom of the guest article. You may have got a link to the article which Google will look at as good. However, if the link is pointing to a poorly SEOed article, Google would see straight through that.

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