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Written by Nelson Viloria

Pay Per Click advertising is one of most effective ways to bring customers to your website and increase the conversion rate, but the question is how costly is it? Most online marketers believe that PPC is way too costly, especially if you are targeting highly competitive keywords and fighting with corporate behemoths to grab consumers’ attention. In fact, AdWords CPC increased 3 times in the last few years and average CPC in AdWords search network is USD 2.32. It sounds not so costly, right? Well, CPC may cost less than 3 dollars, but Cost per Action (when people actually buy something) is whopping USD 59 on an average.

What is the solution?

After reading this you must be thinking that there is no way to make money using AdWords PPC campaigns. Don’t worry because the game is not over! Do you want to double your conversions at half the CPA? I hope I got your attention now!

RLSA is your savior

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads or RLSA helps you customize your paid search campaign based on whether end users have visited your website or app and if they did then which pages they visited. A recent survey shows that RLSA increases CTR and decreases CPC as well as CPA. It is great news for marketers, but there is a catch that you have to understand. The core principle of marketing is to bring as many new customers to the website as possible because the growth of a brand depends on its market penetration capacity. However, RLSA only targets those who are familiar with your brand; thus, it does not bring fresh customers. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem.

A solution you never thought before

The secret is simple and it was always in front of you, you just didn’t pay attention. You must invest in RLSA only and stop doing any non-branded PPC ads. But people don’t know your brand right? How will the RLSA bring you thousands of customers? The answer is social media ads. Shift your non-branded PPC campaign budget towards social media feeder campaign and you will get the best of both worlds.

How to do it

You should start promoting inspirational content about your brand through social media ads. People will see your ads, but they won’t take immediate action. When you promote something unique, not the traditional keyword targeting, the CPC is drastically low and thus, you will get thousands of clicks by spending only a few hundred dollars. Remember that they may still not buy anything from your site. However, the social media ads, based on your brand story, will make people familiar with your business. Basically, social media ads will influence their decision making process the next time they will think about buying a product or service you sell.

Since now you have thousands of potential customers who have visited your site and are well aware of your brand name, RLSA comes into play. When the need arises, people will search for your brand in Google and RLSA ads will bring them to your site. Even if they search for non-branded keyword (SEO services in Mumbai, Bakery in Noida etc), they will click on your website URL, even if it ranks low on SERP, because they have heard about your brand and trust you.


Let’s be practical. Spending money on unbranded search is a suicide mission because common and popular keywords based PPC campaign can deplete your marketing budget within weeks, without offering any significant ROI. Therefore, target your potential customers with social media ads; make them bias about your brand and they will search for you in Google. You will still have to fight with other companies to boost revenue, but now you will have an edge over your competitors.

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 Nelson Viloria is the founder of a NY SEO Services consultancy. He is also a freelance marketer, marketer, motivational speaker, and writer with over 18 years of experience in digital marketing. He currently resides in Chicago with family.

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