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There are millions of people who use Twitter daily to type out their thoughts in 160 characters or less. The social media platform is an ingenious way to promote a business idea or thought through either novelty or official accounts. The key to having a great Twitter account lies in a brand’s ability to target their demographic. It also never hurts if a humerus tone is kept in each post to attract as many followers as possible.

A good marketing team like can help a business get the brand recognition they want on Twitter. A good response or a clever quip can easily go viral with the right cross promotion. Thus, it is important to stay on the ball when in the Twitter arena because you never know what to expect. In fact, the following is a great collection of the best brand interactions on Twitter.

Taco Bell’s Spicy Remarks to Old Spice

Taco Bell has one of the sassiest Twitter accounts around. They are constantly getting re-tweeted thousands of times for their unique spin on things. In 2012, they tweeted to Old Spice Deodorant “Is your deodorant made with really old spices?” The social media execs at Old Spice picked up on the humor, and the two accounts bantered back and forth about their levels of spiciness. It easily resulted in one of the funniest and most well known B2B viral Twitter communication on the web.

Oreo vs Kit-Kat: Round 1

Oreao and Kit-Kat are also famous for their Twitter feuding. However, it is all in good fun as the two chocolaty snacks are quite popular. One Twitter user inspired them to duel it our for her affection. Kit-Kat posted a Tic-Tac-Tie board with crossed candy bars in the middle. Oreo re-tweeted the image with the Kit-Kats eaten and an apology: “Sorry, @kitkat we couldn’t resist … #GiveOreoABreak.” The overall cleverness and brand awareness from these two candy companies was ingenious and instantaneous to say the least.

The “Hacked” Chipotle Account

Last summer Chipotle appeared to have its Twitter account hacked. There were strange texts that looked like they were transcribed from someone speaking to Siri. It was incredibly funny, and it was re-tweeted thousands of times. It got so popular that Chipotle during the course of the stunt. Many wondered if Chipotle was faking the series of bizarre tweets, and it turned out to be true. However, the idea worked, and it got people talking and interested in the fast food chain’s social media presence.

Snark a Little to Attract a Crowd on Twitter

As you can see, a great Twitter account for your brand can really bring out the fun. It can easily turn into a quick viral campaign that promotes the business with little effort if done correctly. The key is to engage with users and other businesses known for giving back a little snark. A company needs to think outside the box when it comes to creating creative content for Twitter to better their chances for viral attention.

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