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There are several myths about SEO and internet marketing. Business owners, who want better web presence, are often unaware of many basic lessons of search engine optimization. Just running a website is not a way to drive traffic to websites of any. Apart from just getting a website, one is required to take some deliberate SEO steps to rank up the page in web search engines. Here are a few common myths about SEO and internet marketing and the realities behind them.

Owning a Web Site is Not Enough

Just owning a website doesn’t mean people will get informed of a business on the web. Business owners should start dedicated promotional campaigns to drive internet users to the site. There are many SEO methods to boost a website on the web. It is better to approach a professional SEO team to enrich the site with more visitors.

PPC Will Do Everything

Many business owners wrap off their efforts to drive traffic to the website with a PPC campaign. It is not a lucrative option, indeed. Just starting a PPC campaign will only seep out some hundreds of dollars from the entrepreneur’s wallet. Around 25 percent of internet users click PPC links, which means, unnecessary loss of money. Better SEO campaign in association with a professional SEO team is the best way to bring traffic to the site. It doesn’t cost as much as one spends on PPC campaigns when the outcome is taken to account.

Links Will Bring in More Traffic

Of course, links do all when it comes to increasing search engine visibility. It is indeed a determining factor to enhance the traffic to a site. But the links should come from genuine articles, press releases, blogs, videos, images and others. Professional SEO firms offer highly profitable link building campaigns, which are the best way to promote a site.

You Need to Have Your Site Indexed

No doubt, search engine indexing is a bad idea. To get a website indexed on a leading search engine, it will take around weeks or months. A rich SEO campaign, in the meantime, can get a site indexed on a search engine in a matter of days. Establishing blogs and forums, SEO professionals push the search engine bots to crawl to the site in a few days.

As per reports, the internet is just to dominate the mainstream media, especially the print media. As of 2006, around 30 percent of consumers depended on search engines for local businesses and news. The figure soared up to a whopping 82 percent in 2010. Needless to mention, it is going up further. As a result, business owners, who haven’t yet focused on web promotion campaigns, should start it as early as possible. All potential customers are web to know about the products and services from businesses.

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