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Drupal is among the most favored and easy to use content management system. It is a free CMS application. The versatility and e-commerce features of Drupal are one more benefits for creating websites. If you’re making use of Drupal to create your site, you’d probably want to make sure that your Drupal site gets higher search engine ranking on Google and other major search engines such as Yahoo and Bing, the subsequent SEO check-list will definitely enable you to boost your Drupal website search rankings:

Optimize the Title tags and Meta tags:

Among the extremely powerful SEO tricks to boost the search rankings of your Drupal blog/website in Google search is to implement the Drupal’s Page title element and Meta tag module to make sure that these are relevant to the content of the website. The page title element enables you to manage the HTML factors, while the Meta-tag component allows you to handle the Meta description of every single webpage. Each of the modules is highly easy to use.

Use Pathauto Module:

Set up the pathauto plugin on the Drupal CMS platform. It allows automatic creation of URL alias according to the configurations you choose. For example, you can put the page title in the Website URL. Not just this tends to make the website page look attractive in the Google but in addition links the content with appropriate keywords and phrases.

Global Redirect Module

Certainly one of the most typical errors in Drupal is duplicate content issue. Search engines may punish if your same website content is found through several tags. Hence, it is highly recommended to install Global Redirect module to prevent the duplicate content issue.

 XML Sitemap

Sitemaps offer hints to search engine spiders about WebPages that should be listed. This module is highly recommended for every Drupal website as it automatically creates the site map for the website and pings to inform every search engine about the new updates.

Boost Module

Despite the fact that Page Rank does not actually decide the rankings of your site, it does enable you develop a excellent track record only and open advertising opportunities for your website, this is particularly if you are managing a blog.

Above are only a few of those amazing modules that you can use to improve your Drupal site/blog search rankings. However, since Drupal is regularly being updated, so, plenty of new modules are designed everyday offering us more ease to undertake SEO tasks.

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