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We are going to do a five part course on the science and art behind  being successful with your PPC campaigns!  This is obviously important in each and every aspect, so I wanted to take a full separate article on each one, so that we can focus on the details and specifics of what makes a successful campaign manager.  Each one of these are nearly worthless by themselves, you must have the whole package to optimize your performance.  Once you do, you will be far more successful than your could have ever expected.

1. Graphic Design(s)

Ok, we will start out with the LOOK.  Obviously, we are not all Webdev guys or art majors, but we need to get GOOD at creating a landing page that will perform based on color schemes, call to actions, how appealing the site looks, if the landing page gives the customer the “feel” that you are trying to achieve in correlation to your product, etc.

Of course you need data in order to let you know how your pages or performing, etc.  But take a chance to use this to find out what best appeals to the audience you are attracting.

One of the gentlemen here at PPC.org that I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with on a few different projects, launched a site with me that he had had quite a fair amount of experience on what stylisting design worked for the specific type of landing page we were doing.  In turn, we basically took a look at two sites that were almost performing where we wanted them too, and used a mixture of the feel and drafted a copy of the new landing site in CS5, sent it off to the “designer” who basically used that copy to design the site in the same manner, with the same feel, coming out with a site that we felt was just perfectly suited to the audience, and as expected, will perform as such.(we will let you guys know 😉

It may be worth it to study up on graphic design a bit, so you can at least get a grasp on this part of the Campaign Process.

Next up, we will be talking about Copywriting.  Stay tuned!

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