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Test your Site

Just because you use Chrome everyday doesn’t mean your customers do.  Test your site across platforms.  This means Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.  There can be wide variability across platforms. You spend a lot of time on your web sites; don’t let them not express exactly what you want them to say.

Valuable Content Will Always Be Valuable Content

If you are offering valuable content, that information will continue to serve your site with valuable traffic for years to come.  Don’t make traffic and increasing traffic what you worry about the most, make quality content creation your number one concern.

Don’t Abandon Desktop Versions

Even though the tendency these days is to make everything mobile, remember that some mobile users don’t want to leave the comfort of a traditional desktop version of a website.  Always give the mobile user the option to use a desktop version of the site.  This may seem weird, but the key thing here is to always make it possible for the user to experience something in the manner in which they want to.  Especially if it is as easy as adding a button to a site to make this possible.

These basic tips and tricks can seem obvious when you sit back and look at them, and many of them are common sense.  But for some reason, too often common sense is abandoned on the internet.  Remember your basics, and you will reap the rewards.




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