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You need to always remember to keep your pay-per-click campaign efficient, up-to-date, and of a high-quality. Following these simple PPC tips can make sure that you continue to have the best possible PPC marketing campaign possible.

Respect Your Audience

When you are attracting users to your site you want to be up front with them, and you will be rewarded by quality feedback and leads.  One of the ways you can do this is to use asterisks to denote required fields when asking for data on a form.  If the user really doesn’t want to share some form of their data, they will leave without giving you anything.  You’d rather have some information that nothing.

That asterisk gives the user the opportunity to decide if they want to give you that information.  In the same way, ask for phone extension numbers on your form.  If someone is willing to give information to you, you need to be able to capture that information.

Additionally, don’t forget about sharing your privacy policy.  There have been too many highly publicized bad examples of companies having a shady privacy policy to ignore this step.  Be up front with what you are doing with people’s information, and they are more likely to trust you.

Give them your contact information if you are asking for theirs.  The web is an interactive two way street.  No one wants to give their contact information out into the unknown.  You can create an extra level of trust to the customer if you provide your contact information clearly on your site.

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