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Ok guys, we need to go over a checklist again on some stuff you guys are all doing wrong!  We have gone over these in the past, but I feel it important to go over some of them again, and some new things I am seeing.  Please check this out, and make sure you are not guilty of any of this!


Spending too little time on your Ad Text:  Segmenting your ad groups better, so all the ads can be targeted more to the user’s search.  Your ad text is definitely one of the biggest aspects of your PPC account.  When people are focusing more on their keyword bids than their ad text of an ad group, they are making a big mistake.  Also, make sure  to include one or more of your keywords within your ad text and include a call-to-action.  This will definitely give the customer a push in the direction you want, when they enter your site.


Having an irrelevant landing page:  If you have a bad quality score, you will have higher minimum bids and lower your ad rank position.  The landing page is easily one of the most important elements of determining your Quality score.


Not checking up on your Competition:  You don’t have to follow and stalk all your competition, but checking up on them every once in a while can help your campaigns.  By checking on your competition, you will be able to see how your offer is different from them, and highlight those differences in your ad text.


Neglecting to use negative keywords:  Getting qualifying traffic is probably one of the biggest problems I have come across while managing PPC campaigns.  It is more important to the customer that the traffic you drive to their site is qualified, than anything else.  This will lower your spend and also your CPC, while increasing ROI.  If you use negative keywords, this can help weed out the unwanted and expensive traffic that will not convert.

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