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If you’ve made a decision to customize, modify, and improve your WordPress blog, the simplest method out there to add features without stepping into the depth of the coding is to make use of WordPress Plugin. This is a collection of one or more features, generally coded in the PHP language; this contributes a particular group of functions to your WordPress site.

It could be a fantastic help to look for different WordPress Plugin sources to find out if there prevails a plugin that satisfies your requirements. At the same time, these are a couple of recommended newest plugins that you can use, to improve your WordPress blog.

W3 Total Cache

This improve your website loading time by capturing and making static WebPages of your content ensuing to quicker loading because the database does not have to perform as hard. The data transfer usage for your site will comparatively decrease while demonstrating a raise in speed.

Pop-up Domination

If you are planning to implement pop-up, this can be the most effective WordPress plugin in the market present these days for acquiring sales opportunities. This is packed with various designs and theme choices to suit the appearance and feel of your website and as to the design and efficiency no pop-up application out there like this plug-in.

Maxblogpress ping optimizer.

This plugin fixes WordPress’s pinging process and stimulates Google and other search engines and various blog web directories to list your updated blog correctly. This can be helpful to prevent your website from being suspended particularly if you modify posts frequently thus prevent penalty for solving a grammar or spelling error more frequently.

Head Space

This is WordPress Search engine optimization made simple plugin which presents you with the functions you require to push your website to the top search rankings. This plugin allows you to concentrate on creating excellent content and it handles all the Search engine optimization work.

Contact Form 7

This is the most beneficial absolutely free contact form plugin right now. This makes almost everything simple since it enables your website readers to contact you if they want.


This one saves your blog for spam comments. Generally, this plugin is already installed by default when you install a WordPress blog on your host and all you need to do is have an API key to switch on it.

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