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This might seem like a silly question. However, not every advertiser that uses pay per click advertising uses it to gain traffic to a PPC - pay per click buttonspecific landing page. Of course, the main reason advertisers use PPC is to make money via gaining traffic to a landing page which ultimately ends with a conversion. Due to this, there is a given stereotype around PPC that people only use it to gain traffic and make money usually buy selling some sort of product or service. This is not always the case as you will find out below. Here are some other ways advertisers use PPC to their benefit.


To Increase Their Organic Ranking

For some websites, they will adopt a generally poor organic ranking. The time and effort it will take the blogger to increase the organic ranking of their website will be far too costly and time consuming in the long term. For this reason, for bloggers that want an easier option, they will resort to PPC. The only problem with this, I guess, is that many web users skip past PPC results on search engines because they know they are adverts (they actively block adverts that look like adverts). Therefore, in the long run, it will always be better to improve SEO ranking since this will ultimately gaining you the most long term traffic with the lowest cost.



To Scare Off Competitors

A common thing advertisers do in PPC is bid on competitor’s brand names so that, in essence, they are taking (or stealing) traffic away from their competitors. If an advertiser bids on their own brand name, it will automatically increase the CPC for that brand name which would put any other advertisers slightly more off bidding for that brand name.



To Direct Traffic Not To The Homepage

If the advertiser is lucky enough to be ranked organically number one on search engines, he or she may still feel the need to create a PPC campaign because they want to target a different page for web users to go onto. Most homepages are well optimised enough for web users to land onto and direct themselves to any part of the website. However, depending on what is on offer, if there is a sale or new product/service that needs publicising, the best way to promote this is through PPC.


Hopefully, this will have made clear that there are many ways anyone can use PPC to their benefit so if you have not got a product or service to promote and sell, this doesn’t always mean you cannot use PPC to your advantage.

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