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Want to rank higher? Or the goal is to gain more traffic?

More traffic may lead to higher signups and more sales. Ultimately, getting higher rank on Google can lead you to higher return on investment. SEO, abbreviated as Search Engine Optimization is the process which contains optimizing of the online content such that major search engines like Google loves to show your content at the top of the search engine results for certain keyword.

For those tech lovers, we can say that it is the process of affecting the visibility of a website on the unpaid results of the search engine with certain on-page and off-page processes. Here in this article, I would let you know some top tips which would help you to let your keyword rank higher.

Note that, if you have not followed the on-page optimization, no hardwork on off-page search optimization would work. It will not at all affect the search engine result of your keyword. But Google search engine ranking not only consider on-page SEO score, so off-page optimization is a necessary task to be done.

So move on reading and implement the following 2017 SEO guide to get your keyword rank higher in Google. The points mentioned below are nothing new, but the way to use them is updated and made more helpful.

Maintain the Keyword Density

This is a very common thing even the beginners of SEO may know about it but making use of this process precisely is an important task to be done. There is not only a single keyword that is targeted for a website or a web page, every page has certain alternate keywords to be targeted. So, when looking for the proper input of the keyword in your website, you must maintain the number of keyword you use. The percentage of the number of times keyword appears on a page or the website divided by the total number of words in the same page.

Meta Tags Should be Extraordinary

Every website has the general form of meta descriptions as well as meta titles, when Google does not find anything new in your website, it will not rank your website anywhere on the first page. So, for a better ranking, you must have a unique and extraordinary meta title and meta description. The title and the description must be such that it totally describes your entire webpage and it must contain the targeted keyword, name of your brand, and must be under the certain word limit mentioned as per the rule .i.e. 155 characters for meta description and 60 characters for meta title.

Optimized Images Should be Used

The website which contains more images have chances to rank higher on the search engine results. When, in a blog, there are certain images and they are of different size, not only the reader would deny find it unattractive and deny reading it, but also, the Google’s search engine algorithm will find it unuseful and will not provide higher ranking to your website. Image can be a very important source for engaging the traffic to your website. So, before posting an article, make sure all the images used in the article are equally aligned or are in equal size. Never make a mistake of adding an article or a website with images with irregular pixels and sizes on your website. The images must be in the same size and with equal pixels.

Interlink is the Smart Way

Interlinking, might have heard about it but don’t know what it is? Wait, let me explain, when you link your previous blog in your present article in a natural manner, it is called the internal linking process. This is a smart way to make the visitor stay on your website. When the visitor stays for long on your blog, it helps in better ranking of your website on Google search engine results. Mainly, keep in mind that while interlinking your article with the related one, try to keep keyword as anchor text. But, also don’t do it more than the required times.

Content Must be Engaging

Thinking that you can cheat search engine by adding low quality and doing strong SEO? It is not at all possible. Your content must contain manual keyword and must know the way by which the customers would be engaged. Make a conversational article for your customers to get engaged as much as possible. Use interrogation sentences and let your customers answer them. This will let them spend more time on your website or the webpage. Be aware, low quality of content can lead your website to increased bounce rate.

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The author is Harshal Shah, CEO and founder of Elsner Technologies, Wordpress development company offers Magento development, WordPress development and professional SEO services. He is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real life problems with the power of IT.

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