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The best thing Google are good at is innovation. Take anything they are to do with such as search engines, mobile phone software The Range of Ad Extensions in PPC [Part 1]or maps. They are great at improving services. The same can be said for their Google AdWords PPC program which has the ability to add extensions onto PPC search adverts. This ultimately makes it possible for search adverts to gain a higher CTR since they are providing more relevant information to the web user. Below are the range of ad extensions an advertiser can use in PPC.



Consumer Rating Extension

This extension helps adverts make web users aware of the rating previous customers gave them. If you have lots of reviews that are genuinely high, you should consider using this extension as it gives web users much more confidence if your service or product has been so highly rated by so many others.



Call Extension

For mobile devices, this extensions enables web users to call a number straight from your search advert. This is a great addition to mobile campaigns since it saves the web user a lot of hassle trying to find your number on your landing page. If you want to use this extension, you need to have good reasons why. For example, if you were a car insurance company, it makes sense to have this extension. However, if you had a campaign such as Amazon, it does not make sense to have this extension.



App Extension

This a new additional to the range of extensions and features a link that sends the web user to an app store to begin downloading your app. I don’t really see the point of this app since if you were to use it, it is obvious the web users you are targeting are interested in downloading an app. Therefore, surely you would make that landing page of the search advert the app on the app store you want them to download? The only time I can really see this working is if the web user is searching for a website where there is a app version of the website, such as eBay and Amazon.



Site links Extension

This is one of the most used extensions out there since it helps web users find exactly what they are looking for in less effort and a shorter amount of time. Site links work by placing links underneath the advert that link to whatever you want. Most advertisers tend to use these links as extra and more specific landing pages. For example, if you were a website selling a range of cars, you would have the sitelinks linking to the different range of cars such as hatchbacks, SUVs, saloon and sports cars.


Since there are so many extensions web users can use in PPC, I am going to make this article a two-parter so check back to PPC.org soon to see the part 2 of this article!

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