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We all know what Quality Score is supposed to be.  It basically should be an indicator of how relevant your ad’s are to a search query.  It determines if your marketing strategies are accurate.

Marketers in the PPC world, and in articles that we have posted in the past, usually approach Quality Score like this: Optimize it by putting all your keywords in ads and all of your landing pages, weed out queries that you don’t have use for, and on and on.  Great, I am glad for you that you are optimizing your campaign performance, but lets dive into what really happens when we worry TOO much about all of this.

Lets go into an example.  Lets say that I spend all my time trying to get my QS up from 2 to 5.  All is successful, and I am winning auctions.  Next, lets say that John Rampton(Another writer for this great sight) opens up his campaign account, and everything he was winning before is getting stomped on.  If he automatically goes and ups his bid to get his position back and start winning auctions, he will likely see his QS and his CTR is down, and is going to write all new ads, do the negatives, etc.  Now John is going to be winning back auctions from me.

Next thing I am doing is upping MY bids to win back those clicks that John took from me! Both of our ads get more generic, and the ROI sucks and we both move on to something else. 2 Losers in the PPC game. Winner, you ask?

Bing, Google, etc……

Think about optimizing other things FIRST before you just focus on QS.




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