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With the last article of mine looking at the pros and cons to search engine optimisation, it would only be fair to look at the benefits Pros and Cons to Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)and drawbacks to the most used form of advertising online: pay per click advertising (PPC). For new and old advertisers alike, choosing the right source of traffic generation is important to the success of your landing page. A source of traffic that brings lots of web users may not be contextual enough to help your landing page develop a healthy conversion rate. Whereas, you might be only bringing minimum traffic which are extremely targeted resulting in a better conversion rate. Either way, you should be looking at what your advertising campaign’s objectives are and tailor the way you generate traffic to these objectives. Here are the main pros and cons to PPC.


Pro – Fast Results

The great and best thing about PPC is that as soon as you have finished creating your campaign, it is instantly being shown on search engine results generating you traffic. Unlike with SEO, you gain results fast and time efficient: there is no waiting around in PPC. This brings around another advantage that you will see the main mistakes in your advertising campaign sooner rather than later. This means you can correct them earlier.



Con – PPC Does Cost

The main problem with PPC is that it will cost you: potentially an arm and a leg depending on what keywords you choose for your campaign. For example, if you choose niche keywords, you will find that the CPC for such keywords will be low as competition is low. However, if you have a campaign on, lets say, the keyword ‘insurance’, this will cost you around $55! However, you have to weigh up the money coming in from PPC to the money coming out of PPC: in all cases, PPC should be making you money.



Pro – Guaranteed Results

Unlike any other form of advertising out there, PPC is different in the sense that you are guaranteed results with the budget you have set aside for PPC. You will only ever have to pay out when you get clicks on your advert and traffic to your landing page.

This makes PPC great since you know that you will always and I mean always get your money’s worth of traffic in PPC.



Con – Results Don’t Last

In the above points, I talk about how you gain instant results and are guaranteed results too. However, a problem with PPC is that these results do not last forever – they last as long as your budget. This is where SEO has the upper hand. In the long term, it is going to generate much more traffic than PPC since an advertising budget can only generate a set amount of traffic.


Although I have picked out a few crucial cons to PPC, in general, it is still the best form of advertising out there. Do not be put off by the cons. PPC and Google AdWords is by far the best online which is why millions of people globally use it.

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