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Search adverts can fall anyway in between two extremes: minimalist or content rich adverts. Already, we Content Rich Adverthave looked at the pros and cons to minimalist adverts which mainly have the pro that by having just the right amount of vague information will induce web users into clicking on it to find out the rest of the information. On the other end of the scale are content rich adverts, which have the sole aim of providing as much information as possible to the web user, in the hope that this will generate a high CTR. With this in mind, here are the main benefits and drawbacks to adopting a content rich search advert for PPC campaigns.



Gain Real Estate Space

A great thing about content rich adverts are that they gain a large space of area which, when placed next to competitors, will naturally stand out due to the area taken up by it (this is added with the use of ad extensions too). PPC advertising is all about first impressions and standing out against competitors to gain the web user’s attention. Therefore, by adopting a larger area you will be increasing the chances of the web user looking at and reading your advert first before they read competitor adverts, increasing the chances of getting a click onto your landing page.



More USPs to Sell

By allowing yourself to have more content in your advert you are also giving yourself more things to mention in your advert which will work to entice web users into clicking on the advert. For example, if you are selling a car which is extremely cheap, very economical and good on the environment, with a minimalist advert, you could probably mention only one of these. With a content rich advert, you could mention all three of these in a bid of ‘all or nothing’ to win over the web user. If you have a USP that makes your product/service stand out, use it!



However, too Much and Web Users Lose Interest

The main problem with content rich adverts is that if you overfill the advert, it can work against you rather than for you. This is because having too much content will put people off reading it as it will seem a lot of effort for no real gain. Therefore, getting the right amount of content to get the highest CTR will require experimenting.

Another reason to potentially limit how much content you put in your search advert is with the enticement factor – by this, you want the web user to be in a situation where they want to know more and the only way for this to happen is to click onto your advert. If you provide too much information in the search advert, you may find that there is less and less reason for the web user to click on the advert.

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