Adwords is the ‘in’ thing for the marketers right now as it helps them drive targeted traffic to their website without waiting for months or without getting involved in some SEO mumbo-jumbo. But the joy of the marketers seem to be short-lived as the price for Clicks shoots up significantly as more and more people start pumping up money in it. As the competition increases, adwords specialists are working very hard to make sure that they are following the standard practices otherwise they might see massive increase in adwords spending.

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Here in this article, we are going to make you acquainted with some adwords features that can help you reduce advertising cost and drive more traffic to your website –

1# Create A Proper Landing Page

You may be using the ideal keywords and the best ad copy, but unless and until you are sending those visitors to a proper landing page, all these efforts will be just a waste of time and effort. Some advertisers believe that home page can be served as a landing page but this is worst thing that can happen to a Google Adwords campaign. Every campaign needs a separate landing page otherwise the conversion rate will be as low as ever.

2# Try Different Ad Positions

Ranking top is not always rewarding. If you are careful with your online activities, you will realize the simple fact that you tend to click at least 5 to 8 links on Google when you are in need of information. People do a lot of research before buying a product online and that means there is no need to spend extra bucks to secure 1st position all the time in Adwords. Sometimes 3rd or 4th positions are also okay too.

3# Add As Many Negative Keywords As Possible

You simply can’t beat your competitors in the game if you are spending money on clicks that are mostly unrelated. This is exactly where the concept of negative keywords comes into picture. You easily stop your ads appearing when searched with keywords that are not relevant to your campaign by adding negative keyword. Negative keywords can be used as ‘exact match’ or phrase and this will make your ads stop appearing in those keywords.

4# Different Variants of Ad Copies

You should not be using a single version of an ad copy rather you should be using multiple versions of the same ad copy to figure out which version is working the best for you. Check out the Quality Score and conversion rate of different keywords and check out which ad copy is best suited for those keywords and then deactivate the rest of them.

5# Use Keywords Match Type

You should not be using Board Match type all the time because that would bleed your adwords campaign dry. You need to use phrase match or exact match type along with negative keywords to get the best results. Broad Match type is best for the initial stage of the campaign. Once the campaign gathers enough data, you will be able to use the best match type that suits your campaign. However, if you are finding this too tough to follow, you need to join a Google Adwords Class to get the hang on this.

6# Be realistic

You should not be expecting too much from your Adwords campaign. Just like any other marketing channels, this channel also needs great care and inspections otherwise things will go haywire. You should not be targeting the keywords that are too competitive; rather you should be opting for less competitive ones.

So, these are some tips that you incorporate in your adwords marketing strategy to see better outcome.


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