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Many marketing specialists are recommending either pay-per-click techniques or content marketing, not both of them at the same time, for a quality content strategy. Marketing experts advise that content marketing strategies for search rankings are one of the best practices for quality content plans, as indicated in the number of businesses that plan to select inbound marketing. But, other people are looking at PPC as a better way of getting your return on investment. Fortunately, you can create a quality strategy using both techniques.

Combining Your Content Marketing and PPC Strategies

Content marketing and PPC strategies are an innovative way to market your business. You are making compelling content and using PPC strategies to disseminate it. This kind of strategy has a high potential in getting a higher ROI and better results for your business. You should also know first where you should invest your budget for this strategy.

  • Know where your customers spend time on social media. It may be on the desktop, mobile, tablet, and other devices that can be used to browse the Internet. You can target from here where you can catch your audiences through optimizing your content in a device most of your customers use.
  • You should know the best content bucket for your audience. By doing this, you can quickly pique the interest of potential customers. They may be interested in the content you used, which can direct to higher conversion rates.
  • You should segment your campaigns. It will be used to target your contents to specific audience segmentation for better results. Contents will be paired to the appropriate audience, and the executions of the contents and dissemination will also pattern to the audience.
  • Use relevant keywords to your advantage. You can start by doing search engine optimization for this step. Especially in using keywords that are very relevant and widely used by your target audience.

Some content marketers are using guest posting to get more audiences and pique the attention of current audiences. However, the conversion rate is not potentially big but using this technique will help your PPC campaign to target audience persona for your marketing strategy.

Here are the steps in creating a quality content strategy using both content marketing and PPC strategies:

  1. Creating High-Performing Content

Content should be one of the features in your strategy that is well-prepared and well-thought. Prepare various content buckets that are relevant to your audiences and fits well with their demographic and psychographic profiles. If you cannot find what topics are relevant to them, you may look at various contents that went viral before, and capitalize from there. BuzzSumo can help you in finding trending issues and topics in your audience’s industry to get better results and tractions.

You can also get ideas from a published effective content from your site. You may want to branch out topics from there and use a PPC strategy with that. For example, you had an e-book that performed well in getting tractions; you may want to think of topics that are about the book, beginnings of the book, etc.

Here are some tips for creating better content either from scratch or from a content you previously had:

  • Create a unique angle to capture attention. You can think of a fresh way to explain an old concept because new is always better, and a fresh idea is always susceptible to interested readers.
  • Write attention-grabbing headlines. You may want to write a straightforward headline, a witty one, or anything that will grab your audiences’ attention.
  • Create content that is actionable. You can do this by making your content participative for your audiences. Ensuring that your audiences are in action will also ensure you better results.
  • Add visual elements in your content. You can add images, videos, GIFs, games, etc. since many users do not like the text-heavy posts for websites. Putting visual content can give rest to their eyes and get the information across easier.
  1. Plan Our Keyword Usage

PPC will now be used in targeting your audience after finishing in producing content. You should know the commonly targeted keywords for your audiences to create more accurate targeting to them. This data are integrated into your PPC strategies, and some of the keywords may be expensive than other keywords. But picking the right keywords, such as less competitive keywords and phrases, will always be worth the expense because it will translate to your site’s best performance.

  1. Strategically Promote Content

This is where the process will have its main chunk. You should be wary of where you will promote your content. Sharing content on social media is one of the best practices in building brand visibility to your audiences and awareness.

Another technique is going through paid advertisements. But you should have the right techniques and personas to target. They should be the ones that will benefit most from your promotion and in return, will give you the highest ROI.

You don’t have to pick between content marketing and PPC strategies anymore! In combining them, you can reap all of their advantages while minimizing their disadvantages. Now that you know what to do, it’s time to revamp your current strategy to cater to both PPC strategies and content marketing.

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