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If you currently manage your own web site or ad campaigns, you probably often thinks about the differences between PPC and SEO. How can these two very different forms of advertising and optimization improve your web site listings and overall business.

The infographic below is quite useful in providing some great comparison stats between PPC and SEO. If you like statistics, this is definitely the infographic for you!

  • 70% of users find a web site via search engines
  • 50% of online purchases are from web sites found in search results
  • 63% of users click on one of the first three organic links
  • 40% of users click on the first ranking web sites
  • 62% of users click a link on the first page of the search results
  • 15% of searchers progress to the second page
  • 23% of searches try a different search phrase
  • 23% of searchers click on paid ads
  • The cost of ppc ads have increased 37% in the last year

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