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The way most advertisers enter pay per click advertising is with no experience at all. Advertisers gain experience on what makes a PPC campaign PPC Vocabulary Explainedgood or not through the mistakes that make in their campaigns. Unfortunately, this makes it hard for beginner advertisers to start out in PPC because the chances are that they are going to get elements of their campaign wrong. The below article is here to help out advertisers in PPC. Below are some key pay per click advertising vocabulary which you should know before you enter the competitive world of PPC.

  • CTR (Click Through Rate) – This is a percentage of clicks you gain from the number of impressions your advert gets. For example, if you gain 1 click from 100 impressions, your CTR will be 1%.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) – The CPC is the maximum price you are willing to pay per click on your advert. The CPC ranges dependent on the keywords you are bidding on and the competition for them keywords.
  • Conversion – The conversion of a campaign is the desired result you want to achieve from the campaign. To give an example of a conversion, most advertisers will look for some type of sale as their conversion while others, which use lead capture landing pages, might be looking to gain as much information about the web user as possible as a conversion.
  • Landing Page – The landing page, in a PPC campaign, is the webpage the web user ‘lands’ on from clicking on the advert of the advertiser’s. The aim of the landing page is to gain a conversion. Since a conversion could be one of many things, making the landing page specific to the type of conversion you want to achieve will produce the best results.
  • Negative Campaign – Instead of creating a campaign of the feature of a product/service (or whatever you are advertising), you could make a campaign to say why web users need you product/service and that the web user will be at a disadvantage if they didn’t have it. A negative campaign evokes fear into the web user so that they feel compulsory to click on the advert. Sometimes, negative campaigns can achieve better results than normal campaigns.
  • Text Advert – The text advert in PPC has a rigid structure of a title, description and URL. However, Google AdWords has been innovating the text advert in recent years to add reviews and more links to increase the chance of a click.
  • Image Adverts – Image adverts in PPC have much more freedom when it comes to their creation. For this reason, you will usually find image/flash adverts gain a much better CTR than text adverts. After all, an image can speak a thousand words…


Although most advertisers know the above information already, you will be surprised that some still don’t. I’ll leave you with one tip. When it comes to trying to promote a product or service in PPC, don’t just use the facts and figures to advertise your product/service. Describe how this will help and become a benefit to the web user. For example, a fact about the iPad is that it’s light and small (compared to a laptop). A benefit, due to this, is that it is extremely portable! Benefits will gain far more clicks than just facts and figures.

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