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The difference between PPC mediocrity and PPC success lies in what you know. Sure, you can trust all the online “PPC gurus” or you can trust the PPC leaders who actually know what they are doing. Finding these PPC leaders is not very hard, you go to their conferences.

One such conference is the Affiliate Summit conference which will be hosted from August 18th, 2013 until August 20th, 2013. The three day conference is absolutely packed with information pertaining to PPC advanced marketing techniques, PPC implementation and PPC reporting, metrics and analysis. I personally have attending most of these conferences and I can vouch for their effectiveness.

Some PPC Tips That I Have Learned From Conferences

Start With A Seed … Then Feed It, Feed It, Feed It!

PPC MoneyAll too often, PPC marketers get “wide-eyed” when they see an “untapped” niche. They see massive search volume and almost no competition whatsoever. Then they go “all-in” on the whole group of search terms. Instead, you should first find your primary search term, plant it, water it, and make sure it is getting all the nutrients in needs. After you have seen your seed start growing, then you plant more seeds around it. What this means is simply…

Find one solid search term, focus your efforts on it first and then worry about the long-tails that are associated with it.

Know What Your Competition Is Doing

Keep your friend close and your enemies closer. Now, this doesn’t mean staying in contact with other website owners. Instead, this means that you pay attention to what they are doing. How they are ranking their keywords. How they are staying ahead of the Google updates, etc… There are plenty of programs out there to help you with this including Market Samurai and Keyword Spy.

Stick With Search Engine Results

Search Engine AdvertisingMost webmasters feel that the more eyes that see their ads, the better off they’ll be. That’s an easy way to waste your money on impressions. Instead, you should focus your ad groups on the websites that should give you the best return. You can do this using Google’s ad management system. Other search engines should have similar features, although most of your returns will come primarily from Google.

Change Your On-Page Frequently

Search engines like changes, this makes them believe that you are constantly updating. Don’t just leave the same keywords in your title, change them often. This can be handled through scripts using PHP or some other dynamic code platform. These scripts can be coded by you or paid for (depending on your coding skills). This will help keep you on top of your competition.

Of course, I just highlighted some of the more advanced PPC tips that I have learned from these PPC conferences. You will learn so much more, information that will separate you from the “PPC wannabes”. The fact is, sh** walks and money talks. The presenters at these conferences are loaded with money, and for good reason … They know what you are doing.

So, are you going to keep trusting online “wannabes” or proven, reputable professionals with the proof to back up their claims?

Nancy has a vast background in PPC and SEO. Feel free to visit her site NancyBadillo.com Be sure to stay updated with her most recent posts on PPC.org about the latest changes and trends in online search marketing.

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