B2B companies can use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to spread brand awareness and grow their business if they know how to create effective marketing campaigns, how to update them, how to track them and how to convert leads. PPC potential can be harnessed by B2B firms to increase their revenues, awareness and conversions on a steady rate. If you have ever dreamt about increasing your conversion rates by as much as 300% and your lead generation by 10x, you have landed at the right place. Today, we see some effective PPC and landing page practices to achieve these dream results in reality.

Here are some of the essential factors and proven tips for a successful PPC campaign for B2B marketing:

Importance of Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are the primary destination of PPC marketing campaigns and B2B companies spend a lot of money and effort driving traffic to these pages. Optimizing these pages can make a huge difference in the quality and quantity of leads your business gets.

Creating optimized sales pages means identifying what motivates the right people to come to you. An optimization process gets you the right data you need and an increase in leads on a daily basis. Landing Page Optimization helps lower the customer acquisition costs and maximize the value of the ad spend by acquiring more customers.

Landing Page Optimization uses methods like A/B Testing to improve the conversion rates of any given landing page. There are many proven practices to optimize the landing page for better conversion rates. One of the best ways is to keep the design of the page simple. Removing extra navigation elements and unnecessary functionality can bring surprisingly more conversions.

Another important consideration is adding customer case studies, customer quotes, partner logos and other forms of social proof on the landing page to establish trust and credibility for the business. Faster load times and search engine optimization are other practices that help create successful B2B marketing campaigns.

Relevant Content in Landing Page

A landing page is the way for you to compel your target audience to convert into leads. Landing pages are also an efficient way to collect information about which visitors are converting. This is why it is highly important that your landing pages are designed to be relevant and appealing. To make the page appealing, you can add a touch of creativity through images and videos which help you connect better with your audience. Images capture attention better and increase the chances that they stay longer on the page giving you more time to deliver your message to your customers.

The other thing to consider is using a compelling headline which catches the visitors’ attention. Your landing page is a good opportunity to create something shareable on social media. Thus, including social buttons makes it easy for the visitors to spread a word about your offer while serving as a trust indicator. Right from the headline to the CTA, the text on your landing page should be clear and concise. Include keywords that are commonly used in search queries to boost the SEO of the page. Include straightforward descriptions will give the users a clear idea of what they will receive when they sign up for the offer. The conversion form should be easy and quick to fill out. Ask for just the basic information sufficient for qualifying as a lead.

Capture Forms Above Fold

The capture form is the primary feature of a lead capture page and this is why it plays the biggest role in deciding the effectiveness of the landing page. The space above the fold is the content which the visitor sees when he lands on the page. Therefore, it is necessary that you insert everything needed to convince the visitor about the value of your offer in that space. It is a rule of thumb to place the capture forms above the fold. In case, your landing page is long, you can consider placing the form below the fold as well.

Positioning the capture form above the fold ensures that your visitor need not manually scroll down to be able to see it. Visibility is very critical since you want to draw the viewer’s attention to the form for conversion. Placing the picture of the content next to the form serves as an appealing reminder of what the user gets in return for his/her information.

Ad Copy

Creating a persuasive and compelling Ad Copy which generates highly targeted traffic is important. Searchers are drawn to the headline of your ad in the first place. Thus, it is essential to create a headline that stands out from other businesses. The primary consideration when creating an ad copy is the user intent. Understanding the intent of the user drives your efforts and landing page you want to drive your traffic to. The intent of your user can be either Navigational, Informational or Transactional. If a person is looking for informational stuff, you should direct him to an eBook or whitepaper available for download.

While writing attention-catching headlines, the first thing to consider is including the target keyword to increase the Quality Score while informing your users that we have what you are looking for. Try to use numbers to boost your status. Also, make clear the ultimate benefit customers get by using your product or service. PPC ads being limited in space need to be exact and to-the-point. Make sure your ad copy is benefit-rich and shows a sense of urgency to get the attention of searchers quickly.


Retargeting and remarketing users who have visited your website previously is an effective strategy within the online marketing industry. Instead of targeting all the users who have visited your website, you should target them on the basis of pages they have been to be able to present them a relevant ad later on. For instance, if a user visits the services page of your website for online marketing, consider remarketing them with an ad about online marketing and not for mobile app development.

Classic method of remarketing by using display banners is quite effective. However, there is so much more you can do with the list of audience you have built. You can use a professional video of your company for remarketing when the user is on YouTube. Another effective method is the use of search remarketing ads. It allows targeting broader keywords because you are targeting users who previously visited your website.


These are some of the most important factors B2B marketers should take into consideration while using a PPP advertising campaign for the business success. We welcome your thoughts on this topic. Do share your suggestions in the comments section below.

Jonathan Alonso is a digital marketing consultant based out of Orlando Florida. With 15 years in digital he has worked in many industries from retail, travel, franchising and manufacturing. You can reach out to him via his blog at Jongeek.com

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