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If you are a blogger and you are planning to launch a few more blogs, you will need to make some adjustments because multiple blogs can burn you out. Increased profit and readership is what you would be looking for when launching but for the blogs to be any good, you have to be backed by an excellent system. These tips will guide you in launching, setting up and managing your blogs.

Determine your objective

Make a list of all the blogs you want and break down the objectives for each one. Find out if all the blogs are equally important, and if not, make sure to prioritize. By using a list, you will not waste time upgrading an irrelevant blog.

Hire writers

Blog writers come in handy when you are dealing with extensive research and do not have the time to write. There are plenty of freelance writers out there with the experience to make good posts for your blogs and edit content; that is if you find it necessary. If you hire writers and editors to run your blogs, you can share revenue and exposure, so that both parties are motivated.

Encourage guest bloggers

Ensure you allow guest bloggers to link to their blogs and if you have Adsense, then sharing revenue will be a plus. If guest bloggers post new content, make sure to allocate a separate page for it so that your blog always has new content for search engines and fellow readers.

Only write about things you know and like

The only way to sustain multiple blogs is if you write about topics you know and understand, otherwise content would be dull and bland and readers would flee. Writing about familiar topics ensures the content is fun and engaging, and also reduces time spent on research.

Measure your abilities and limits

You won’t be able to spend all your time blogging so evaluate your time and any limitations you might have; for example your writing speed, style and how long it takes you to update ach blog.

Write ahead of time

If you work ahead of time you will have more time to prepare and improve the quality of content, and you will never feel rushed. Just try to make use of free time to engage your creativity and write something interesting.

Use the right tools

Tasks like creating folders, categorizing feeds, gathering RSS feeds and using Google reader should be done professionally so that you make use of all media to expand the blog. For social media you can use a Twitter feed for your posts and Bookmarking service will keep track of any posts to social sites.

Forward mail to one account

Create a central mail account to forward all relevant email, preferably Gmail, and separate folders according to the various blogs and tasks. This way you will have an easier time keeping track of things.

Always sell your old blogs

A number of people choose to discard their old blogs when they start a new niche but there are opportunities here. You can rent out the old blog, that way you would still generate some income.

Keep a calendar to do list

Each day of the week, you will have tasks to accomplish and it would be a lot easier for you if you compartmentalize and keep a day-to-day list of jobs to do. Google calendar or Outlook can be of great use. Make a time slot for the blog and if you have a diary, you will have an easier time working within deadlines and keeping each blog fresh and exciting for your readers. A posting frequency should be activated for each blog and should help keep track of progress.

If you follow these tips, you should have a much easier and fun time running your new blogs.


This is a guest post by Virginia. Virginia Cunningham is a avid technology blogger touching on topics from social media to securitysolutions. She writes for a blog that specializes in identity solutions for businesses, for one of the most trusted provider of secure ID solutions, AlphaCard.


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