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PPC, a.k.a pay per click is a system which most online businesses rely on.

Having you here on this blog post, we assume your business is also one of them. Well, hands down, PPC is a great way of marketing products and services. But is it easy? Does it always work?

Not really. And so, to make things easy, here are the PPC mistakes which might be costing you conversions.

PPC mistakes that are costing you conversions

Think your ad campaign is fit and still not performing well? Well, these mistakes might change your outlook.

1. Inadequate targeting

The first thing that any ad campaign in the world needs to be is targeted.

Targeting decides your audience and depending on your audience, you target your ad campaign.

If an ad campaign is not adequately targeted, your ad will be displayed on screens where it won’t matter feeding on your budget with no ROI. That’s like throwing money for nothing.

So, whenever you create an ad campaign, make sure you target it right.

To move forward with that, know your audience better. Know their interests. Define the age groups for yourself. Know the gender which prefers your products more and after you have gathered all this data, design an ad campaign with adequate audience targeting.

This is one great way of optimizing PPC campaigns.

2. Text copies are not actionable

Be it for the CTA or for your ad copy, if your text is not actionable, chances are you’ll not convert.

The actionable text means the one which compels the user to take the desired action. And how do you come up with that?

Think it through. In our lives, all of us have come across text copies which were totally compelling. Something we couldn’t say ‘no’ to.

Remember feeling so intrigued by your favorite car’s advertisement that you almost or really bought it?

That’s what I am talking about.

To start with it, focus on creating headlines for your ad copies which get a good CTR. Once done with that, you’ll need to move on to optimizing your CTAs (calls to action).

If you are wondering, CTAs are the buttons on your landing page. Once you have successfully made a user visit your website, in the next step you have to convert.

A CTA is one of the most important elements on a landing page. Frankly speaking, the chances of an ad campaign converting with a CTA which is not actionable are very thin.

3. Clutter on the landing page

Okay, I couldn’t help but say it.

Since the time I started using the internet, I have come across so many landing pages which had huge loads of content.

Frankly speaking, they were totally flooded with all sorts of information. Both important and redundant.

If your landing pages are anywhere near to that, you should change that. RIGHT NOW!

While the idea of placing a huge lot of information on your landing pages might appeal you, turns out it turns your users off.

Let us consider an LMS PPC campaign for example.

Suppose you have created a great course and are now targeting for running an ad campaign centering audience looking forward to learn new PPC techniques.

You targeted them well. Your landing page starts getting visitors. And what they find is a huge lot of content. Everything about eLearning. Everything that they wouldn’t need to know at the moment.

For the holy sake, they just visited your website to know about the course that you were offering.

Overloading them with all sorts of content about eLearning, you just lost conversions.

Final words

While PPC is a great way of making business happen, when not done right, it costs more than money.

In this article, we tried to talk in brief about some of the most common PPC mistakes which drown most businesses. We hope this helped some of you.

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

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