PPC is the art of selling ads and you have to market the online ads for reaching the target audience and generating business leads and revenue for the client. It is a marketing form of online advertising where advertisers incur money on users who click on their ads. Advertisers bid on the estimated value of the click with the context of keywords, platforms, and audience for which it needs to be done.

What is PPC?

The PPC was pioneered in the year 1998 of selling the search ads. You can get results of your every single penny if PPC is done in the desired way and you can evaluate your expenditure and earnings. This is one of the most competitive markets in the world and has increased the cost per conversion due to competition.

PPC( pay per click) search engines can provide you instant traffic and can increase your sales in short period of time, generate business revenue. It involves the designing and executing the business ads. You can track the keywords your competitors following and can devise a strategy for your PPC campaign.

Why Use Pay Per Click?

Sometimes you don’t want to go for it as it has somewhat costly for the beginners and does not get the desired results in short period of time. If you are at intermediate level of business, you must go for it. It helps you gather quick feedback about your market conditions and with the help of split test of a live audience, you can gather ads test results for evaluating the market condition of your business. If you want to know the power of PPC, you can use Google AdWords where you can offer white papers on a one-page website. If nobody will be interested in your ads, then you will not get enough click through and it indicates several things:

  • You may not be bidding high for your product.
  • The market Is not accepting your product.
  • You may be marketing at the wrong angle.
  • Your landing pages are not much compelling.
  • You are marketing to the wrong target audience.

Whom should I trust in Pay Per Click?

There are very few major players in Pay per click field.

Google Adwords- This is the largest network of Google, AOL, Earthlink, Ask, About and many other sites.

Yahoo Search marketing- It has the network partnership with span Yahoo, Infospace, All the web, Altavista and many more.

Microsoft Adcenter- It is a new player in the market but has limited syndication network that means their traffic quality is much high.

Why is Pay Per Click important?

I was working to raise the ranking of the website of a client for few competitive phrases. He was making decent investment in the campaign. Then I started pay per click campaign to test numerous terms. The conversion rates for the words we thought were not great and couple other terms with less search frequency and less competition could convert the PPC exceptionally well. If we had not done the PPC, we had not been able to focus on the SEO efforts. We could increase the sales tenfold with just the cost of $300.  The only thing in online marketing is to test it. PPC helps us to test the market in real time and with a fast feedback system.

PPC versus SEO in small paid Niches

The more high bid you do for PPC, the higher the chances of the increased sales conversion. If the average cost for PPC is $5, then $1000 SEO campaign pays you only a few hundred target audience people. Microsoft and Yahoo tend to be less effective than the Google niche advertisements. Google has large advertisement base and ads cost per conversion is less then the Microsoft and Yahoo and time took is also less. If you are not sure whether the SEO campaign would justify its cost but you can run a PPC account to notice what type of demand is in your target market.

Case Study: The ignorant Bidder

A person started with Yahoo that shared bid prices for an eBay affiliate ad for the keyword SEO books at over $1 per click. Assuming that I can get 1.5% conversion rates and I can afford to pay that amount. But this person was just throwing money to test waters and did not reach anywhere.  I find it hard to believe that who was bidding a click for making more money. Later lowered the bid to 21 cents in markets and there will be dumb companies that rotate in lose money and then go bankrupt.


First of all, search your target keyword with testing in the market and then bid reasonably for them and do consistent keyword targeting and go for conversion rates. The better the keywords and design and content and approach, the higher will be the conversion rates.

Digital marketing is being executed by all businesses around the globe to achieve different marketing and sales goals. Start online marketing to tap growing online consumers looking for your products & services. To succeed in competitive online market, you need genuine strategies and efforts. Digital marketing company can help you find and target your customers by creating strategies for your business.

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