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It’s Christmas day which as well as meaning a time of celebration, it is a bad day for online websites. The majority of people spend most of Christmas offline meaning there will generally be less traffic online. However, this doesn’t mean to say that you cannot benefit from PPC Christmas Traffictraffic produced during the Christmas period. Below are a few elements Christmas traffic possesses which can help you adapt your campaign for the holiday season and maximum performance.


Traffic Will be Happy

This might sound very basic to you. However, it is true that most of the people on the internet will be happy on Christmas day. You won’t have to create a campaign that injects fear into web users because there is no need. Let’s create an example. The campaign will be aiming to sell a toothbrush. If web users are generally happy, then portray this in your advert. Make a special Christmas day deal to share the spirit of happiness and Christmas. The one thing you should not do is make it negative through fear. Certain toothbrushes can stop gum disease from occurring. Don’t use a fact like that to your advantage by saying in your advert that you are more likely to have gun disease if you don’t use this toothbrush. People at Christmas will turn away from such adverts.



Traffic Will Be Conversion-Rich

It is true that the conversions of traffic around the Christmas region of time will be sky high compared to other months of the year. For this reason, take advantage of the high conversion rate by increasing the budget when conversions are high. The best pay per click campaigns centre their budgets around the times of the year with the highest conversion rates such as Christmas. The problem some advertisers will face, though, is that after increasing their budget due to Christmas increasing the conversion rate, they don’t know how long after Christmas they should decrease their budget. You don’t want to continue an expensive budget if that conversion rate is slowly decreasing. Therefore, keep the same proportion between the money you are investing into your campaign and the conversion rate of it. From doing this, you will maintain a good profit margin.



Traffic Will Be Desperate

The closer it comes to Christmas, the more desperate internet users will get to buying what they want. What is the main source of this problem? Postage. As it draws nearer to Christmas, the chance of what web users buy online getting to their house for Christmas will rapidly decrease. This is where a PPC campaign can take advantage. The web user will be more than willing to pay premium prices to get their gift to their loved ones on Christmas. Therefore, as well as developing a unique selling point through advertising next day delivery, you can also charge a slightly higher premium adding to your profit margin.

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