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When everything is going great with your PPC Campaign, that is typically when things start to go downhill for some reason!  For one reason or another, your performance just goes AWOL.  Sometimes, in fact most of the time, it leaves us scratching our heads as to why it would change, when we have not changed anything on our account!  When this happens, we need to change some things quickly, so that you can get back to making money.  There are a few things we would want to look at:

Ad Testing-

Have you rotated your split-test ad variations lately?  In your high-traffic ad groups, make sure that all of your active ad texts are doing well, and set the crummy ones on pause!

Ad Position-

This seems like an obvious one, but a new person could have entered the market and just decimated you, bumping you to the back page!  Sometimes you can be in the one spot, and suddenly end up on page 2. Then again, your competition can drop out and you can rise in your ad position and you will have negative effects on ROI that way, too.

Content Match Stats-

Content Match can be a mean angry whore. If someone adds a new distribution channel then you may see a dramatic increase in impressions(COST). The opposite can happen as well.  Make sure your stats are in line.

Try these things out if your campaign just tanks one day. You will thank me.

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