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“The most powerful tool that generates instant feedback and results for your website” is pretty good definition of a Pay Per click.


PPC or pay per click is a mode of advertisement in which advertisers pay for an advert only when a customer has clicked on it, which is generally through an advertising platform such as Google Adwords. To make their business-related ads visible, the PPC advertisers have to bid on the keywords and in order to succeed, bidding on the right keywords is very important. If done correctly, there is nothing more beneficial and profitable then a PPC campaign, and this success is usually achieved through the knowledge of the right keywords.



The techniques adopted by the top SEO Company UK in generating continuous success in PPC include:

v  An integrated approach in keyword management

v  Assessment of performance for your business related keywords

v  Individual keyword quality score is thoroughly examined.

v  Conversion and impression and its efficiency in generating traffic

v  Evaluating keywords to improve PPC performance

v  Providing actionable recommendations to enhance the ability of the traffic generated through PPC

v  Giving alerts to pause the usage of underperforming keywords

v  Fuelling your PPC campaigns from one interface to the other by using your already existing keyword data.


Of late, online marketing has become the cheapest and best source of reaching out to the relevant customers. When PPC publicises your ads to a larger community, why wouldn’t it be the most preferred tool of exposure? Through PPC your Adwords data is enriched to produce heavy traffic giving you increased profits.

For a healthy business a good and efficient PPC campaign is needed because:

?  You have an account of your business performance

?  You can track conversion through website

?  You can refine the daily campaign for the best return on your investment

?  It is cost effective

?  It allows you to stand par with any bigger organisation

?  It can immediately increase the reputation of your business

?  You can target your business to a specific audience through geographic or demographic targeting through the usage of selected keywords

?  You can track the words used by customers to search for a particular product or service and find out what they are looking for in your product.

The information provided by a good PPC campaign is informative and it helps in the generating more potential consumers for the growth of your business.

Kate Ford is Tech writer from the UK. Catch her @thetechlegend on Twitter

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