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Everybody knows the boom Christmas creates every where. For this reason, we see advertising budgets increase dramtically, to gain the extra sales. However, it should be made clear that your campaign should be successful all year around. Yet, we do see an increase in demand at Christmas which you as an PPC advertiser should take advantage of. Although PPC at Christmas will increase demand for advertising space which in return will increase CPC, you are get guranteed results. So here are a few ways you can prepare yourself for the Christmas boom as an advertiser.

As I have already mentioned, towards Christmas time…

  • Demand for advertising space.
  • This increases the CPC advertisers bid with.
  • This will cause you to get get more outbid losing you advertising space at such a crucial time of year.

So Increase Your Advertising Budget

Many businesses make the majority of their sales around Christmas time. They take a great deal of time making sure they use this extra demand to their full capacity. As an advertiser, you need to do that too. A rule of thumb is that the conversion rate always tends to increase at Christmas. People have more time, more money and have the want to spend. Taking that into account, a few extra cents (or in my case pence) would increase your PPC campaign‘s overall success rapidly!

What I want to also make clear is that you need to prepare. In recent posts, I have told advertisers to ‘prepare for the unexpected‘. For the other three seasons of the year, this totally applies. The PPC market is constantly changing and increasing in popularity. However, you can always count on Christmas to stay consistently popular so expect the expected. For example, someone who is tight for money won’t buy a games console in summer. But, around Christmas time, they would because many people get Christmas bonuses (giving them extra cash) or will want to buy the console as a present.



When I said ‘expect the expected’, this applies for demand. However, the places where demand is each Christmas will vary. For example, last year, it was all about the Apple iPad. Now, it looks like the demand is changing to cheaper gifts such as eBook readers like the Kindle and possibly cheaper alternatives to the iPad. Now, if this was true, you could change your strategy to promote a cheaper product in your campaign as you know it is more likely to sell better than a product twice as expensive (people are more price sensitive this year).

The above was just an assumption. Research can be carried out extremely easily. There is plenty of findings and research already on the internet, so go and use it!

Wait if You are Unsure

You will most likely be thinking what the earth am I on about? Pausing your campaign may prove more of a benefit than a drawback. The number of people that are giving others money at Christmas to spend in the January sale is increasing as we plummet more into this economic crisis. It’s proving to be the best thing to do: January always has cheaper sales to encourage spending from Christmas. Due to this, you may want to start your campaign at the start of January. CPC will be cheaper and you are likely to get the same conversion rate as before.

Whatever you do, I think there is one thing as a PPC advertiser you need to bare in mind. The number of people using the internet to buy gifts and products is on the increase every year. More and more people are going online instead of in shops.

There are more people online.

If there are more people online, there is a wider market for you to promote whatever you want to promote through PPC. There will be more people that see your advert, more clicks, more conversions, more sales and more profit: Christmas on the internet evolves around a knock on effect. Ultimately, the more people online due to Christmas, the more healthy it is to start a budgeted campaign. If not this doesn’t suit you, wait till January.

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