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PPC is typically a great way to drive low cost leads and online sales.  With its precise targeting abilities, PPC is also an awesome way to be in front of these leads and clients to increase your closing rates, maximize up, and cross sales, and reduce the sales cycle time.  Remember, don’t just limit your efforts to the first conversion, but rather, use it to help flow customers down your sales pipeline.  Here are a few ways you can use PPC to get more from the initial conversion of your clients.

1. Coordinate your nurturing and your PPC campaingns

A smart idea with email nurturing campaigns is to be able to coordinate with a display network campaign.  Before the marketing piece goes out, launch a Display Network campaign to a remarketing list or topic campaign that has the same offer.  I would run it for a week after the email has been sent.

2. Target the mom and pop shops

By this, I mean target the people that are doing it themselves.  Right after they get off the phone with us, the first place they are going to go to learn how to do it themselves is google.  You could try creating a landing page that talks about exactly what the pros and cons of doing things yourself are, similar to the conversations on the phone you are having.  You will also have to be on a Display Network targeting placements and info sites.  This will bring you some traffic, and also when your prospect realized how hard it will be to take everything on themselves, they will be right on their trail, only one small click away.

3. Bidding On Your Competitors

Obviously, its a common practice to check out the competition if you have a product that you like, or think you have a good pitch on a service of some sort.  When you are trying to get the attention of anyone there, you may want to link them to a landing page that will directly compare the competitions’ offer with yours.  Another good idea is to have a free download for them that would give them a list of questions to ask your competitor and  yourself when they make a call or email in.  The idea is to realize that some of these people are already on your website, and are not shopping around for anything.


To summarize, in PPC your effort does not have to be aimed at the top of the sales cycle, it can be all over, to help increase conversion, etc.



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