PPC Advertising BasicsPPC advertising or pay-per-click advertising, uses sponsored links on web pages to increase the sales of any product in the internet. This method is also called cost-per-click-advertising, since the business owner will pay the publisher only if they get clicks on their sponsored links. You can find these sorts of advertisements on most pages sidebars and top of the posts.

Pay-per-click advertising is more effective than all other forms, because it will deliver better results and the business owner will pay only if the visitor clicks and visits the page. If you haven’t used this method of advertising to promote your business, then you’re doing more harm than good. There are many PPC advertising networks out there but the most popular of them all are the Google AdWords and the Yahoo Advertising Network.

Using them won’t guarantee the business owner a success, because to be successful with PPC advertising, we need do a lot of things. Well let’s take a look at how this form of advertising works and what are the main factors involves in it.

Understanding PPC:

Before getting started with PPC, the business owner should be at least familiarize themselves with the terminologies used in PPC. Without understanding them, no one can get successful with PPC. Since the internet providers all sort of information, learning and understanding the basic principles and terminologies behind PPC will not be a hard thing.


Keywords are the building blocks of Pay-per-click advertising. Using right keywords will take your business to pinnacle and at the same time, if you choose a wrong keyword your business will probably end up in a hole (For example, if I have a website which showcase Manchester United Videos and If I choose Manchester United Pictures then it won’t bring any good to my website). The business owner should go through brochures and core materials before choosing the keywords.

Give Visitors Reason To Click:

This is the hard part. The business owners should craft their advertising text in a way that will encourage users to click the advertisement and visit the website. If you are a newbie and if you have no knowledge in writing ads, then I will suggest you to hire a copywriter since they will deliver better results for your business with PPC advertising.

Track Results:

Performing the proper ppc tracking is always important, along with tracking the time spent by the visitor and everything in PPC, because tracking results will help and find you the best converting pages and the least converting pages. Using those data, you can do changes to those pages which are not converting and improve the conversion rate from your next PPC campaign.

PPC advertising is a wide area which will help any business to improve their sales. I hope these basics will help you understand its effectiveness for businesses a bit.

Sathishkumar Varatharajan is a blogger, an online marketer and the Founder Of Kudo Metrics Internet Marketing Company. He also blogs about technology at PinDigit and Android at Best Android Blog.

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