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How many times have you found yourself trying to register a domain name, only to find it is already owned by someone else? In these days, it happens all too often. Nearly every generic word or simple two word combination is taken. Forget about owning the .com version, if you are lucky you might be able to settle for a .net or .org… but there must be an easier way to secure domain names that are currently registered elsewhere?

One of these solutions is a service called, which I have used many times now and was able to secure some really amazing domain names for under a thousand dollars. They have a completely automated system setup, which makes it very easy to add a bunch of domain names to their watch list. Should any of these domain names ever drop and not be renewed, will try and grab these domain names and sell them to you.

You can create a free account on their site, then start adding domain names to your account using their quick search. In the screenshot below you can see a bunch of domains I have added to my account for example purposes. You will then see that that domain names and were tagged and noted on the days that the domain went up for expiration.

Once a domain name is dropped, will contact you to purchase the domain for $59, or the domain will go into auction if there are multiple bidders on the domain name.

In the end, if you aren’t using a domain backordering service, you should be. From personal experience, I tried to buy domains from people direct for several hundred dollars, then a few months/years later the domains were dropped and I picked them up for around $60! What a deal, all thanks to domain backordering services like

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