When it comes to learning how to market and advertise on a new platform or traffic source, you can use as many tutorials and helpful tips as you can get. Advertising through the Plenty of Fish Ads system is one of the most powerful demographic targeting and self serve marketing platforms out there, and it’s a dream come true for anyone in the dating niche.

You can learn more about Plenty of Fish affiliate marketing tactics and tips from the many posts we already have live on this blog, but we also recommend you check out the resources also mentioned below from the POF blog.

Below are the resources and links from the POF blog.

Using {creativeid:}
Creative ID Search Now Available, {creativeid:} Now Much More Useful!
The GROUPING Feature Has Launched!

How many impressions are enough to test a creative?
How to Properly test a Large # of Creatives on a Budget
At What Point Should I STOP Split Testing?

Beat your Competition By Duplicating Your Campaigns
Extend the life of your POF campaigns with 1 ELITE trick.

Point. Click. Win.

Feel free to add any additional resources to you might have in the comments section.

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