PeerFly Network

When it comes to starting an affiliate network from the ground up and not relying on a third party tracking solution, PeerFly knows how to do it. Over the past several years PeerFly has become one of the top affiliate networks in the game and have an excellent reputation among successful affiliate marketers and people within the industry. With over a thousand active offers on their network and serving millions of clicks daily, PeerFly is one of the top networks in the game and always looking to work with new affiliates through out the world.

The PeerFly affiliate network currently has a 4.92 / 5  rating from a total of 208 reviews posted on the AffPaying network review site. If you would like to learn more about PeerFly and how you can use their offers to create a Free Stuff web site of your own, be sure to visit the article on my other blog.

PeerFly Offers

There are currently over 1500+ active ad campaigns and offers available through the PeerFly affiliate network. The majority of these offers are zip and email submits, but there is also a wide range of offers across the network that vary from health, weight loss, business, games and downloads. Traffic to these offers also varies heavily in different locations through out the world. If you are looking to promote a wide range of offers through different traffic sources and countries, PeerFly has the offers you are looking for.

PeerFly Payments

There is a low $50 minimum payment threshold for affiliates of PeerFly. Payments are sent out on a bi-weekly, weekly and daily basis depending on the amount of volume and earnings an affiliate performs with the network. In addition to having a low payment threshold, PeerFly can also pay out their affiliates in the following methods: Check, PayPal, Wire, Payoneer, ACH (Direct Deposit)

PeerFly Affiliate Managers and Contact Info

You can follow the PeerFly affiliate network on Twitter through multiple accounts at @PeerFly, @LukePeerFly, @PeerFly Offers or through their Facebook Fan Page and Facebook Group Page. You can also contact PeerFly directly by phone 888-400-4359 or through email with [email protected]

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    on 10 Apr 12 at 1:44 am

    Am a big fan of Peerfly. It is one of the few networks that display conversion data as standard and Luke is always responsive and helpful.

  • Reply
    on 15 Jun 12 at 19:20 pm

    They do not care or give site of day to there affiliates, once you get terminiated and do not give an affiliate a chance to resolve the issue that may or may not have got you terminated.

    once terminated your on there back hand or to say bottom of the scrap pile with no responce

    they see an affiliate make an ok commission but then they target those and take the commissions without any payout or any response as to why.

    do not deal with this website they are going to con you to the nearest back door and only focus on those who are close to them.

    did you know once terminated your links get passed onto them so they earn themselves more commission from your hard work once they terminate you so remove all links quickly unless they re instate your account which is highly unlikly.

  • Reply
    on 26 Sep 13 at 2:26 am

    I want to know what are the rates of this ad network and how many posts are required to get approved.

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