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Pay-per-click advertising and campaign is the smart way of advertising on internet. You solely decide who visits your website. Using a PPC advertising and campaign you pay only for the clicks on your website. However, if a person only views a result and do not click on it, referred as impression, you do not pay for it. This approach of PPC advertising is focused on selecting the appropriate keyword. A well organized PPC campaign drives the desire traffic to your webpage and helps you attain the desired goals.

Fundamental of PPC advertising and campaign

The key aspect of PPC advertising and campaign is that it focuses on quality rather than quantity. When referring to “quality”, it is simply meant focusing on well-targeted section of the traffic. Quality users are those you repeatedly visit your webpage, belong to your target areas of the world and are looking for the content being advertised by you. By focusing on quality rather than quantity, the prospects of success increase in terms of visitors converting into lead. This rate of conversion can be measured with the help of conversion analysis.

Higher the rate of traffic, more will be the conversion rate. Conversion rate also serves as the medium of measuring your return on investment.

Evaluation of PPC campaigns via tracking system

A tracking system helps you in figuring out the level of effectiveness of the clicks and allows the adjustments accordingly. You can find out the most effective keywords and the best search engines. A tracking system calculates the conversion rates and helps you fix your goals. It also assures that you get adequate output for the applied input.

You can discover the source of the traffic on your site and also the duration for which the users are active. The tracking system also judges the quality of your traffic. Low quality traffic is not only a waste of money and time, but also ends up frustrating you. By analyzing factors like the source of your traffic, the activities of users on your homepage, phrase matching etc. tracking system states the quality of traffic on your webpage.

Buying PPC advertising traffic

You can easily purchase clicks from the number of available resources online. However, it is extremely important that you conduct your own survey, compare results and then buy from the best source. Most of the sites like Google and Yahoo utilize the search results coming from a small number of search engines, referred as “content network”.

For example, such systems place advertisements along with the content. The sellers of PPC always differentiate between the results from sponsored search and content match. In sponsored searches, the results are placed along with the results from the search engines. On the other hand, in content matching, the results are placed in proximity with the articles and email content. Though, a little costly, high conversion rates are obtained with the sponsored searches.

Starting a PPC campaign

The process is as simple as creating your own accounts, running campaigns and then comparing the results. You must begin with creating your account, receiving the confirmation, selecting the right keywords, monitoring the traffic and then accordingly adjusting the bids.

Having an own PPC campaign looks tedious at the first sight but with a little research and knowledge, you can target a large section of audience with your own PPC campaign.

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