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There are several advertising plug-ins that you can use to manage and implement for your WordPress advertising campaigns. Whether you are using ppc (pay-per-click) advertising, affiliate marketing, or banner advertising there are many ways for you to generate income from your WordPress Blog.

First, WP125 plugin allows user to help manage ads more effectively. The plug-in by itself allows user to input how many days user wish to run the advertisement where WP125 will automatically calculate the correct date for user.

You can also use most popular PPC ad companies like Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Network and BidVertiser. Most of the WordPress themes come with search box integration. When user search using your customized search engine and click on the sponsored ads within your blog’s search results, then you get paid. In this case, you need to use Google AdSense for Search or Eurekster. So that, you can includes these sponsored ads within your WordPress site.

Ad Logger for WordPress is also popular for logging the click from Google AdSense and Amazon Associates. It allows user to see all the clicks within one place. It comes with AJAX UI where the results can easily view as a report.

Every company allows you to become an affiliate to help them produce a sale for their products. In this case, if someone clicking on your link, you will receive either fixed or percentage amount from the product coming from the sales. Some companies such as Amazon, ClickBank and Commission Junction do offer an affiliate link programs for sales. As an example, these programs are WordPress Amazon Associate program and Click Bank Widget. In order to get sales from your affiliate link, you will need some affiliate marketing skills.

Many ad networks and tracking systems are now creating their own plugins and tools to work with WordPress. There are thousands of free and premium plugins out there that pay per click marketers can use when it comes to creating web sites and ad campaigns with WordPress. Be sure to take the time to look for the best reviews in the search engines and of course the user ratings and feedback through the WordPress plugins directory.

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