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As every online marketers knows only too well pay-per-click (PPC) is just about the best way to attract new customers and create buzz for your brand online. Compared to other advertising methods, it’s much more affordable, and therefore boasts a higher return on investment.

The latest studies confirm that pay-per-click leads to consistent, measurable results. That’s probably the reason more than 72 percent of marketers plan to increase their PPC budget this year.

Research indicates that more than 45 percent of online customers couldn’t identify sponsored ads on the page when there wasn’t a separate column. This means more clicks and higher online exposure for advertisers.

Whether you run a small local business, an ecommerce website, or a corporation, pay-per-click marketing can help you make more sales and expand your reach.

Surprising statistics on PPC ads

At this point, the majority of marketers and business owners rely on pay-per-click advertising. According to a study conducted with 1,916 marketing professionals, only nine percent said they didn’t consider pay-per-click effective. About 83 percent of survey participants said they’re getting good results from PPC advertising.

Statistics indicate that more than 73 percent of businesses use Google AdWords to market their products online. About 55 percent rely on Bing Ads.

More than 52 percent of marketers spend their money on Facebook advertising, and most companies use at least one PPC network to promote their ads. These numbers prove that pay-per-click advertising is on the rise.

Benefits of paid search engine marketing

The benefits of pay-per-click for businesses should not be underestimated. If you’re looking for a quick, effective way to reach your target audience, paid ads are a viable option.

While it’s true that search engine optimization works better on a longer timeline than PPC, it also takes more time and resources. Optimizing your website for the search engines is an ongoing process that never ends.

Setting up a PPC campaign only takes a few minutes. Most marketers use a combination of both pay-per-click and search engine optimization to gain the online exposure they want and generate sales.

A well-planned PPC campaign can drive targeted traffic to your website instantly. It’s one of the rare advertising models that generate immediate results.

The best part is that you only pay once a buyer clicks on your ads. Marketers can set daily or monthly budgets, decide how much they want to pay for keywords, and target their ads so they only appear to qualified customers.

For example, if you run a real estate business, you can set your ads to appear to customers only in a certain location.

When you use pay-per-click marketing, your ads will show on the first page of search results. This way you can drive visitors to your site instantly and test different marketing strategies.

Unlike other forms of advertising, PPC offers measurable results. You’ll know exactly how many people click on your ads, where they’re coming from, what search terms they use, and how much time they spend on your website.

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