For internet marketers it can be annoying to invest all the time and effort into a site and have to undergo the boring tasks required to drive free visitors that are actually the potential buyers interested to buy the product so, you can get the reward for your effort and hard work.

Also search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing take sometime to recognize a new website and assign it a ranking in search results. For this purpose, you also have to do several off-page SEO tasks so search engines rank your website higher in search results. Since only with higher ranking, you will be able to get free targeted traffic to your website. Hence, for a new website to get free traffic instantly is not an easy job.

So, being a webmaster if you need rapid traffic to your website than PPC is the only answer as the best part with PPC advertising is that you will be able to drive targeted traffic to your website with in just few minutes. You don’t have to do hard work for month applying different SEO techniques and a long patience to get target traffic as PPC works instantly. You can start getting traffic to your website for any keyword/keywords, you want. So, with highly target traffic, you will be able to make money instantly.

The most well-known Pay per click advertising company online is Google Ad Words. As Google is the biggest search engine used by millions of people all over the world to find the information about any topic they want using different keywords/search phrases. After Google the other two biggest adverting networks are Yahoo and Bing. But the combined share of both Yahoo and Bing is the advertising world is still less than Google.

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