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Typically, if you are looking to blog for another company rather than your own, or just add a certification to your resume, you are going to want to be passing the Google Adwords Qualified Adwords Exam before you go any further in your career.  Now typically, you can pass this exam either individually, or if you are running a company, you can certify the whole company.  Tough luck, its a 2 year certification, so you are going to need to keep taking it to keep that Certification up.  Now Obviously, I can’t be giving you all the answers to the exam(as if I knew them), but I can give you some tips that will make it a whole lot more “passable.”

1. Know where everything is. EVERYTHING.

They are going to be asking you which and where and what for this and that.  Got it?  Stuff like obtaining certain information for reports and access conversion tracking, etc.  So please, learn where everything is.

2. Know how to calculate what your Return On Investment(ROI) is.

If you don’t know how to do this already, stop right now before trying to be a self employed or business owning individual and figure it out.  This is business people, its obvious you need to find out how much money you make with every dollar spent.  There will be questions that are geared towards a scenario when you have to decide what ads or keywords to pause, etc to keep ROI high.

3.  Think like you have common sense, whether you do or not.

Pretend you are in a pickle, or you are in a spot in the real world in PPC where you need to make a decision on what will make you the most money, what will violate text guidelines, etc.  This type of stuff will also be on the test.  Figure out in your head if you would increase or decrease certain bids, etc.  No big deal, right?

4. Know all of the Adwords Text Policies.

It seems that there are a ton of Ad Text and Policy questions.  Annoying, right?  I think so too.  What can you say, what can’t you say, description rules, how many characters , and on and on…….Know these rules like the back of your hand. KNOW THEM.

5. Use the learning center for crying out loud.

Most of the answers to the test are in the learning center, so if you are slightly familiar with it, you can definitely do better if you go through the entire learning center.  Obviously, use your notes, etc, but remember, the answers all come from the learning center.  This will make a big difference when you are taking the test, trust me.

Also, know a little about analytics, reporting, etc, even though this is not the analytics exam.  Taking this test will help you professionally, and will also give you a baseline of knowledge, as well as a great selling tool in selling yourself!  Good luck on the test, and let us hear how you do!

Aspiring PPC Expert, Guy Behind , Writer at PPCorg

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