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A leading technology company in India, SEO Softech, has announced that customers can outsource their pay-per-click (PPC) needs with no setup fees. Softech is known for search engine optimization (SEO), but also regularly offers fantastic deals.

Included in the limited-time promotional offering are top-of-the-line PPC services at a paltry 10 percent of monthly budgets. It comes with complete management and setup for smaller campaigns and no hidden fees.

The timing is perfect, considering how many foreigners are flocking to India not just for vacation or to volunteer in the country, but to start a business. According to the news release, “The PPC services that we offer has a reputation in the SEO industry for the quality of results we have achieved in the past.”

Already, Softech is one of the leading SEO firms in the country and excels with optimization both on- and off-page. So why is the company moving into PPC territory?

Maximizing the outsource potential

Many businesses around the world haven’t been quick to jump at SEO outsourcing (or even adopting SEO best practices at all), but PPC is a highly tangible service.

Softech knows American and European companies are gun-shy about setup fees when outsourcing; but also knows that the budget for management runs around $1,000 per month so it’s worth waiving the fees. Plus, Softech has its reputation as collateral.

The director of Softech notes: “Our client testimonials substantiate this fact [that their reputation is flawless]. Potential clients can make use of our new offer and benefit the most from it, while also seeing the right results.”

Softech is also a leader in content writing and link building. Moving into PPC simply seals its reputation as the country’s best SEO firm. When it comes to branching out into other areas, though, the team gets really creative.

SEO from a holistic perspective

According to the director, “The SEO needs of every business are different. We offer businesses with custom solutions taking into consideration their specific industry, goals, and challenges. Our result-oriented, customized SEO campaigns are devised following an in-depth research and intense professionalism. Further, we can also execute social media optimization campaigns.”

What does this mean for US-based SEO businesses that specialize in PPC? They might have more competition abroad than they imagined.

Outsourcing technology, particularly to India, is nothing new. But combining the highest quality support with affordable prices is.

In the past, India has been stereotyped as offering subpar support and services, including SEO options that may use best practices but can’t generate organic, quality content. That’s no longer the case since more firms like Softech have upped the ante.

In an era when mobile readiness is crucial and not just “nice to have,” SEO is becoming more in demand as businesses of all sizes embrace it.

The perfect startup solution

Softech is particularly targeting small businesses and startups because it knows there’s an influx of them with great promise but small budgets (for now).

However, these small businesses need SEO in order to stay competitive, including PPC. That’s where Softech steps in to help them out, possibly securing what will one day be massive clients around the world. They’re giving up a smidge right now for the potential of a series of hits down the road.

By targeting small, American businesses, Softech is offering a solution that nobody else can (or has). The payoff could be huge; for now, Softech is secure enough financially to wait it out.

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